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Thanks for visiting this section of my site. I consider this to be the most enjoyable page on the site, and on most of the following pages, I use the images (stills and video captures) from the chase to tell the story of how the day unfolded. Also, if you enjoy weather images from the past, be sure to check out the historical weather gallery. Enjoy!

Check out my gallery of historical weather images

NOTE:On the subsequent pages, thumbnails are numbered from left to right; for example: [pic 1] | [pic 2]
All video captures are marked with either a time and date stamp or in the copyright mark.
The thumbnails on the following pages have been drastically reduced in quality to save file size and increase load time. Following the thumbnail links provides a more detailed and crisp picture than the thumbnails represent.

Year 2006 Chases

April 2, 2006: Observed two supercells and three tornadoes in Arkansas at Searcy, Wynne, and Parkin
Year 2005 Chases

March 21, 2005: Observed a low-topped supercell and a nice tornado near Paris, TX.
June 11, 2005: Observed a supercell along with tornadoes near Wayside, TX.
June 12, 2005: Tornado outbreak in the southern Texas Panhandle

Year 2004 Chases

March 27, 2004: Observed two west Oklahoma supercells along with the Butler, Custer City, and Okarche tornadoes.
May 22, 2004: (No worthwhile images from this day) A frustrating day - observed a violent supercell as it transitioned into an HP but arrived a few minutes too late for the significant tornadoes it produced.
May 29, 2004: Redemption for May 22! Intercepted an intense supercell in north-central Kansas and observed five tornadoes near Scottsville and Jamestown.
June 12, 2004: This day made the year! Observed from close proximity the beautiful yet unfortunately destructive white Mulvane tornado poised with a rainbow and also the Rock tornado at sunset.
June 20, 2004: A good high plains/front range chase with two intense supercells and a brief tornado southwest of Calhan, CO with the first storm.
June 21, 2004: Intercepted two supercells near Amarillo, TX and observed two confirmed tornadoes near Bushland.

Year 2003 Chases

April 5, 2003: Observed the Aspermont, Texas supercell and tornado along with damaging baseball-size hail.
May 3, 2003: Intercepted a beautifully sculpted supercell and possible tornado near Rule, Texas.
May 4, 2003: Intercepted an intense supercell that spawned a long-track killer tornado that hit Pierce City, Missouri.
June 17, 2003: Landscape photos and a picturesque Wyoming storm that produced a weak tornado south of Cheyenne.
June 20, 2003: A well-structured yet outflow-dominant supercell and a funnel near Sterling, Colorado.
June 22, 2003: Intercepted a cyclic supercell that displayed strong rotation east of Aurora, Nebraska.
June 24, 2003: An incredible outbreak of tornadoes in South Dakota from Mt. Vernon to north of De Smet, including the Manchester F4 wedge.

Year 2002 Chases

March 29, 2002: Observed the Cash, Arkansas supercell and funnel (tornado?) and the Weiner, Arkansas supercell and mesocyclone.
March 30, 2002: A Texas chase; intercepted the intense Limestone County tornadic supercell and mesocyclone as it entered Freestone County and observed a squall line near Cleburne, Texas.
April 7, 2002: Another Texas chase; intercepted the Throckmorton County supercell but missed the large cone tornado. Also viewed a fast moving and turbulent shelf cloud move through Denton.
April 13, 2002: Yes, another Texas chase; intercepted an LP supercell near Lockney, a splitting supercell near New Deal, and witnessed a beautiful sunset near Plainview.
May 5, 2002: The most successful chase I've had to date. Intercepted the cyclic supercell near Happy, Texas and observed four tornadoes.
June 1, 2002: Lightning near Axtell, Nebraska.
June 3, 2002: Intercepted supercells near Limon and Flagler, Colorado and experienced copious amounts of golfball-size hail.
June 4, 2002: Observed two supercells near Lubbock, Texas.
June 8, 2002: Intercepted two supercells near Biddle, Montana. The first was a beautiful "mothership" LP, and the second exhibited a nice meso and RFD.
June 10, 2002: Observed a supercell that exhibited much cloud-base rotation and produced a large dust-whirl tornado near Stockham, Nebraska.
June 11, 2002: An intense chase in which the chaser became the chasee near Kanapolis, Kansas. A low-contrast tornado was also observed west of Ellsworth.
June 12, 2002: A bust chase but captured what is perhaps my best lightning photo to date.
June 15, 2002: Intercepted a supercell and observed a weak tornado near Satanta, Kansas along with wind damage produced by another supercell near Goodnight, Texas.

Year 2001 Chases

February 24, 2001: Severe bow-echo near Muskogee, Ok. and very close funnel near Augusta, Arkansas.
March 31, 2001: An Arkansas chase from Quitman to Brinkley. Observed storm structure and copious amounts of hail.
April 6, 2001: High risk bust in southwest Kansas. Got some decent sky pictures though.
April 14, 2001: Supercell with funnel near Roosevelt, Oklahoma, and a beautiful supercell at sunset near Mabelle, Texas.
May 20, 2001: East Oklahoma supercell and a brief but close tornado near Enterprise, Oklahoma.
May 26, 2001: LP supercell and beautiful sunset near Plainview, Texas.
May 27, 2001: MCS and associated dust storm in Kansas.
May 28, 2001: Observed training "mothership" supercells and a funnel/tornado near Trinidad, Colorado.
May 29, 2001: A day of frustration and disappointment. Watched a supercell die in the Texas panhandle and missed the White Deer, Texas tornado and Lamar, Colorado landspouts.
May 30, 2001: Beautiful New Mexico supercell and large, damaging hail at the New Mexico/Texas border on I-40.
June 5, 2001: Observed violent rotation in a couple of supercells, two funnels/possible tornadoes near Woodward, Oklahoma, and gorgeous lightning.
July 12, 2001: A wall cloud in Conway, AR and lightning photos.
November 23, 2001: Intercepted three supercells, close CG's, and a probable tornado near Hunt, AR.
November 26, 2001: Observed the F2-rated Star City, AR tornado.

Year 2000 Chases

January 3, 2000: Well-formed shelf cloud and brief lowerings near Beebe, Arkansas.
February 18, 2000: Close wall cloud in Conway, Arkansas.
March 26, 2000: Supercell in southeast Oklahoma. Storm structure and well-organized mesocyclone.
April 15, 2000: Squall line, tail-end charlie, and beautiful mammatus in southwest Oklahoma/northwest Texas.
April 23, 2000: Southwest Arkansas supercell, mesocyclone w/RFD, Howard County funnel/possible tornado, and beautiful sunset. Note:Upon further review of video and checking of Storm Data, the feature seen this day was probably not a tornado (8/28/00).
May 22, 2000: Picturesque LP supercell near Ft. Smith, Arkansas.
May 29, 2000: Tail-end charlie supercell, Hershey, Nebraska tornado, huge dust storm ahead of an MCS, and a beautiful five layer shelf cloud.

Year 1999 Chases

April 2nd, 1999: Distant supercell in central Oklahoma.
April 3rd, 1999: Early morning gust front, afternoon gust front with photogenic shelf cloud and a gustnado near Vilonia, Arkansas.
April 8th, 1999: Low-topped LP supercell over Oark, Arkansas.
April 24th, 1999: Distant severe storm near Vicksburg, Mississippi.
May 30, 1999: Photogenic wall cloud and well-formed mammatus in south central Nebraska.
May 31, 1999: Two tornadoes near Meade, Kansas and storm structure.
June 1, 1999: Storm structure, large hail, and a double rainbow in north Texas.
June 2, 1999: Nazareth, Texas tornado, developing wall cloud, storm structure, and lightning.
July 10, 1999: Two gust fronts and a very brief non-rotating wall cloud in Arkansas.
August 8, 1999: Hybrid shelf/wall cloud(?) and a nice sunset.
August 13, 1999: Storm structure of a severe storm near Little Rock, Arkansas.
December 4, 1999: Early morning lightning in North Texas, numerous mammatus, and a rain-wrapped mesocyclone near Marshall, Texas.