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Here, I will provide my thoughts on certain subjects as time permits. This page will be updated on an irregular basis.

September 11, 2001: A Day Never Forgotten

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September 12, 2001

Smoke Plumes from Twin Towers
Above Picture: Smoke plumes emanating from the World Trade Center.
Courtesy of Space Imaging

I don't quite know where to begin. Never have I been unable to convey my thoughts and emotions effectively on paper. However, upon learning of yesterday's horrendous attacks upon the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and thousands of innocent civilians, I can't begin to explain the sickening nauseous feeling that overcame me.

The sheer terror of the situation that the victims were placed in is incomprehensible. But with the continuous news coverage and horrid replays of the twin towers being decimated and people being forced by escalating flames to leap from the buildings to their deaths, we all felt some of the horror the victims were experiencing. As with a majority of Americans, the nausea remains but watching the scenes play out on television has fed a growing rage within.

What will eventually help these emotions subside? Besides much time, the obvious answer is retribution. However, our "revenge" must be controlled.

Although most people have remained levelheaded throughout this crisis, it's been equally sickening to hear reports today of a misguided few among us who have attacked Arab and Muslim U.S. citizens. We cannot allow ourselves to stoop to the level of terrorists and take out our anger on those who more than likely came to the United States to get away from the threatening conditions in their homeland.

Does the internment of Japanese Americans in concentration camps that were scattered throughout the U.S. during World War II ring a bell? If not, then educate yourself! This is a time for the country to unite and overcome, not revert to the atrocities of the past.

While greed (gasoline price-gouging for "blood money") and revenge has spawned a few ugly events, they're far outweighed by the numerous stories of heroism and selflessness that have emanated from this tragedy.

Needless to say, many acts of heroism have already occurred, and it's inevitable that many more will occur during the next few weeks and months. Among those already recognized for heroic acts are the rescue workers and those who risked and/or gave their lives to save others; the crew and passengers of United Airlines flight 93 who apparently helped bring that plane down before it could reach the hijackers' intended target; and everybody who's made blood donations and/or monetary contributions. There will be many acts of courage that go unrecognized, and we must also remember these unsung heroes when remembering this tragic day.

The above-mentioned acts of bravery and generosity represent the types of attitudes that will get this country through these trying days. Retribution will come soon enough through our military; I assure it. For now though, our foremost concern should be for the victims of this senseless "act of war."