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November 26, 2001

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A moderate risk and 15% hatched probabilistic tornado outlook was in place over Arkansas on this day.1.; 2. Scott Blair, Blake Michaleski, and I targeted Pine Bluff and waited for the cap to break, which didn't happen until after dark. After chasing a severe storm northeast of Pine Bluff, nowcasters Philip Flory and Dave Lewison alerted us to a tornado-warned supercell in Lincoln County. Breaking off the storm we were on, we immediately targeted the supercell and headed southeast on Hwy. 65. As we neared Tamo at about 6:50 p.m., we ran into some small hail and pulled over. At this time, the tornado should've been 3-4 miles to our south, and it wasn't long before lightning allowed us to observe the large wedge.3.; 4. A couple of minutes after first observing the tornado, the tornado lifted, and the low-hanging meso continued moving northeast over Grady.5. We continued to chase the cell but finally ended the chase at 8 p.m. because the cell was weakening and we were out of road options. Although observing a tornado was a great way to end the year, it was unfortunate to hear that the tornado produced F2 damage in Star City.

Star City tornado video captures: Courtesy Blake Michaleski

SPC Moderate Risk (Video Capture)SPC 15% Hatched Tornado Outlook (Video Capture)

Star City, AR Tornado 1 (Video Capture)Star City, AR Tornado 2 (Video Capture)

Meso After Tornado Dissipated (Video Capture)

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