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November 23, 2001

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Expecting supercells and tornadoes in eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas, Scott Blair and I targeted an area from Sallisaw, Oklahoma to Clarksville, Arkansas. However, with the slowing of the dryline, we decided to shift west to Henryetta, Oklahoma where we met up with Eric Nguyen and waited for what seemed like forever.1. To pass the time, Scott and Eric decided to get artistic.2.; 3. However, by nightfall, supercells finally fired in our original target area (ARRGGHH!), western Arkansas. Parting ways with Eric, who decided to head back to Norman, Oklahoma, Scott and I blasted east, finally catching the third of three training supercells near Hunt, Arkansas at 9 p.m. Positioned just southwest of Hunt on I-40, we were treated to a barrage of CG strikes, one of which struck extremely close to our location.4. Ten minutes later, as the meso began crossing the interstate about 1/10 of a mile to our east, the inflow, which was from the northwest, steadily increased in speed before suddenly filling with a fine mist and shifting to a 55-60 m.p.h. west wind.5. The event ended in about 30 seconds as the meso moved to the northeast.6. The inflow then shifted to a light southwest wind. Considering the rapid intensification and shift in the wind and that the event jack-knifed and slammed a semi against a gaurd rail, it's likely that what Scott and I experienced was inflow into a brief and weak tornado that spun up over the interstate.
However, with much damage caused by the previous two supercells that moved through the same area, it's unlikely that this probable tornado left a noticeable track; hence this event not being recorded as a tornado by the National Weather Service.
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Extremely close CG

Rapidly changing conditions

Hunt, AR meso to the northeast

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