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May 31, 1999

NOTE:Numbers after certain sentences indicate the photo being referred to.

On our second day out in the plains, we targeted the Plains, KS. area. We noticed a beautiful supercell firing near Meade, KS., so we quickly got into position to first see an amazing beaver's tail feeding into the updraft area.1. Not long after, a funnel formed about 11 miles to our NW,2. and a small vortice descended from the main funnel and touched down behind a line of trees.3. The tornado quickly became rain wrapped and eventually dissipated. As we kept ourselves in position to watch the updraft area, a brief and weak tornado formed to the SE of Meade, KS.4. After the tornado had dissipated, we kept in position to view the mesocyclone and RFD as storm kept advancing to the southeast.5. After getting road screwed and getting out of position, we ended up at what was probably the largest chaser convergence in history.6. The amount of chasers conglomerated in this one place was staggering. As we made our way out of this mess, we headed west in order to view another supercell that had fired. The outflow from the Meade/Sitka storm was moving towards this storm, and we decided to get there before the outflow in order to see what would happen when the outflow encountered the storm. The storm was clearly rotating but didn't look to present a tornado threat.7. It was almost dark, so Kevin, Scott, and I decided to end the day's chase.

SE Meade, KS. Tornado video capture: Courtesy of Scott Blair

Meade, KS. Beaver's Tail (Video Capture)W. Meade, KS. Tornado

Zoom of W. Meade, KS. Tornado (Video Capture)SE Meade, KS. Tornado (Video Capture)

Meade, KS. Wall Cloud with RFD Cutting In (Video Capture)Huge Chaser Convergence (Video Capture)

Mesocyclone to the West of the Meade/Sitka Storm (Video Capture)

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