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May 3, 2003

Targeting Plainview, TX, myself and David LaRue, who was tagging along on his first chase, set out from Weatherford, OK. Arriving in the target at about 4 p.m., one tower developed to our east 1., but it died soon after. There only appeared to be one cell in the area, and it was well to our south. After waiting for a while longer in the target, I finally decided to blast south to the only game in town. Upon intercepting the cell near Aspermont at 6:15, it appeared to be struggling. However, within just a few minutes, the cell suddenly organized into an intense supercell after encountering a boundary. On Hwy. 380, a few miles west of Rule, we approached the meso from behind. The back side was totally obscured by hook precip., but after punching through the rain, a well-organized meso became apparent just south of the highway.2. The meso soon became rain-wrapped though as it moved off to the southeast.3. At this point, I made a poor decision and decided to continue east on Hwy. 380 through Rule instead of dropping south to stay with the meso. Now east of Rule, we encountered intense 50-60 mph inflow winds and uprooted shrubbery flowing into one of the mesocyclones shed by the storm.4. With the intensity of the inflow and the dust being pulled upwards into the meso, I wouldn't be surprised if a tornado was ongoing, but it was impossible to confirm with the heavy rain wrapping around the meso.5.; 6. A few miles east of Rule, the monster cell displayed jaw dropping structure that was beautifully contrasted against the red Texas ground.7.; 8. At that point though, our only road options took us well away from the storm and through Haskell, then south to Stamford on Hwy. 277. Upon reaching Stamford, we found a spot overlooking Lake Stamford that allowed us a beautiful view of the supercell's lightning show as it crossed the lake. 9.; 10. Not a bad day, but it could've been better considering a few chasers who dropped south saw halfway decent tornadoes. Such is chasing though. It was at least a good warm-up chase for the next day.

Developing tower east of Plainview, TXIntense meso west of Rule, TX

Large, sustained funnel/possible tornado (Video Capture)40-50 mph inflow (Video Capture)

Rain-wrapped meso/possible tornado with strong inflow (Video Capture)Possible tornado (Video Capture)

Incredibly sculpted supercell with striations (Video Capture)Beautiful structure

Anvil crawler with weakening stormAnvil crawler

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