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May 29, 2001

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Scott Blair and I burned ourselves twice on this day, and because of that, May 29, 2001, ended up being the most frustrating and dissapointing day of my entire chase vacation. Just a few minutes before several landspouts occurred near Lamar, Colorado, we decided to leave our target area of southeast Colorado and head south to the Texas panhandle since the atmosphere appeared to be more conductive there. Near Masterson, Texas, we watched a supercell form 1. and eventually develop a wall cloud.2.; 3. Although the storm continued to display a nice vault, 4. it eventually weakened and died. After hearing tornado reports from the supercell to our south near White Deer, we left our storm and blasted toward it. However, we arrived just a few minutes too late and had this view of the cell 5. near the time it was producing a wedge tornado near White Deer. The sunset with the White Deer storm was beautiful 6.; 7., but it, in no way, made up for missing the numerous tornadoes in both southeast Colorado and the Texas panhandle that day. That's chasing though; sometimes it can be rough.

Developing Supercell near Masterson, TXCell's Becoming Better Organized

Wall Cloud Near Masterson, TXUpdraft and Vault

Supercell that Produced the Wedge Tornado near White Deer, TX (Video Capture)Sunset on White Deer Anvil (Video Capture)

White Deer Mammatus at Sunset

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