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May 27, 2001

NOTE:Numbers after certain sentences indicate the photo being referred to.

Scott Blair and I targeted the Meade, Kansas area on this day and later met up with Florida chaser Dr. Jason Persoff.1. After discussing the situation and waiting for storms to develop, we eventually caught up with chasers Eric Nguyen, Amos Magliocco, and others and reveiwed data with them. At this point, we learned that supercells were forming near Garden City, Kansas, well north of our location. Scott and I decided to immediately head north, and we heard several tornado warnings issued for the cells during our trek. However, by the time we got there, the cells were clearly outflow dominant and turning into a nasty MCS, which produced a decent shelf cloud.2. The intense outflow produced 60-70 mph straight-line winds and kicked up copious amounts of dust.3.; 4.; 5. Also, unfortunately, a semi was toppled by the outflow, 6., and debris from the truck was scattered across the road. Since officials were already helping the driver, we continued on, but our chase ended soon after because of a large chunk of metal that lodged in one of Scott's tires. We did happen to get one last good look at the storms though as they moved away from us while we were installing Scott's spare tire.7.

Scott Blair and Jason Persoff Discuss the SetupShelf Cloud with MCS

MCS with DustDriving Through Dusty Outflow

A Dusty Outflow Jet in the DistanceSemi Toppled By Intense Outflow

Updraft Tower After Our Chase Ended

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