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May 26, 2001

NOTE:Numbers after certain sentences indicate the photo being referred to.

After an all night drive to Aspermont, Texas, I met up with Scott Blair and Eric Nguyen at a hotel and caught a couple of hours of sleep in preparation for the day's chase. With sunlight came the realization of how bad the insect infestation in Texas was. Not only were huge black beetles everywhere, but numerous large flies also covered our cars as they feasted on insect carcasses (Eric's car in the pic).1. After spending most of the day near our target area of Jayton, Texas, I pulled up a satellite image with my cell phone/internet connection and noticed a cumulus field to our north in the panhandle. Eric opted to stay in Jayton for the time being while Scott and I headed north to Plainview, pleased to see the developing cumulus.2. From Plainview, we watched a small but intense updraft develop into an LP,3. but it was high-based and featured a small precip. core.4. Eventually, the LP's core intensified, and the base tried to lower and become better organized.5. Although slight rotation was noticeable, 6. it was obvious that the storm didn't present a tornado threat. But, the supercell's updraft tower and mammatus presented some dramatic and welcome photo opportunites at sunset.7.; 8.

Eric's Car Covered with Scavenging FliesCumulus

Devloping LP

Updraft Base and Precip.More Intense Core

Base Trying to Organize and LowerMammatus at Sunset

Glowing Updraft Tower at Sunset

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