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March 31, 2001

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Scott Blair and I had decided the night before to target north-central Texas on this day but later called it off once the set-up began falling apart for that area. However, it appeared severe storms, nothing tornadic, would instead fire in parts of Arkansas during the mid-afternoon. I started the day off with some eerie fog pictures of Lake Conway before heading back home to check data and monitor the radar.1. & 2. After watching convection fire to my north and checking the radar, I decided to target a developing storm in Van Buren County. At Quitman, I had a good view of the storm's intense core and developing shelf cloud as golfball-size hail was reported southwest of Heber Springs.3. Only a few minutes later, the storm intensified and the shelf grew better defined.4. After chasing the storm through White County and experiencing some dime-size hail in the core, I arrived in Woodruff County and saw pea, dime, and nickel-size hail covering the ground near Augusta.5. & 6. While in this location, a small patch of mammatus and a developing storm to my west was also noticeable.7. & 8. Intense convection was associated with the flanking line of the developing cell, and the dark base gave an ominous appearance.9. The storms eventually conglomerated into a line and produced an impressive shelf cloud over Brinkley.10. Thanks go to Scott for nowcasting for me.

Lake Conway FogLake Conway Fog 2

Storm near Heber SpringsShelf Becoming Better Defined

Pea, Dime, and Nickel Sized HailWinter in March??

Small Patch of MammatusStorm Structure

Storm Structure 2Shelf Over Brinkley

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