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March 30, 2002

Scott Blair and I began the day analyzing data in our hotel room in Texarkana.1. We targeted an area in north central Texas from Hillsborough to Meridian. Near Corsicana at 1 p.m. while en route to our target area, we noticed explosive convection to our south and decided to target the developing storm. At 1:18, a tornado warning was issued for the cell, which was located over Thornton in Limestone County. After plotting an intercept route, we headed south on I-45 toward Fairfield in Freestone County, where it appeared we'd meet the storm. Punching through the heavy rain being produced by the cell, we skirted around the hail core and entered the vault region at 1:40 p.m. just south of Streetman. The situation began getting intense as numerous CG's began striking in close proximity.2. An inflow tail to our south was streaming into the updraft, 3., which was located over Personville, and a well-developed shelf cloud was to our west.4. Arriving in Fairfield at 2 p.m. and just ahead of the supercell, we went east on Hwy. 84 while observing scud rising rapidly into the base. A couple miles east of Fairfield, we pulled over and watched as the meso rapidly rotated while the RFD wrapped the area in rain.5. After losing contrast because of the wrapping precip, we continued east on Hwy. 84, then north to Tennessee Colony, where we again intercepted the storm. A picturesque shelf cloud was noticeable, 6., but the cell was now weakening considerably. Deciding to intercept another cell southwest of Buffalo, we headed southwest on Hwy. 79 and intercepted it at Buffalo. However, the storm appeared disorganized. Leaving the cell, we decided to head toward our original target area, where a couple of tornadoes had been reported earlier. We intercepted the cells at sunset near Cleburne, but by that time, the storms had become outflow dominant and linear. However, we were treated to some excellent motion underneath the shelf as we let the storms overtake us and end the day.7.

Scott Blair analyzing data (Video Capture)Close CG in the vault region (Video Capture)

Inflow tail (Video Capture)Forward flank shelf cloud (Video Capture)

Rapidly rotating meso with RFDShelf cloud with now weakening storm

Turbulent shelf cloud near Cleburne, TX (Video Capture)

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