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June 2, 1999

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Scott and I set up near Dimmit, TX. on this chase day and waited for storms to blow up. We were in perfect position as a supercell took shape nearby. We intercepted this storm and saw a developing wall cloud taking shape.1 Is that a funnel dangling from the side of it? Hard to tell, but if it was, it didn't last very long. The wall cloud began getting better defined and was pulling a lot of dust into it.2 A lot of interesting scud lowerings were noted, as the wall cloud eventually became outflow dominated.3 A few minutes later, the wall began to wrap back up and get tighter in appearence,4 so we positioned ourselves for better contrast. As we were getting ourselves in better position, a rain wrapped tornado formed and lasted a few minutes.5 After the tornado dissipated, we moved into a position to see if another mesocyclone would form. As a new updraft area began taking shape, the inflow created an odd looking, layered beaver's tail.6 From this point, we watched a very weak meso form, along with some interesting cloud features and some spectacular lightning.7 Quite a day was capped with off with a gorgeous sunset and mammatus.8

Developing Wall Cloud (Video Capture)A Lot of Dust Being Pulled Into the Updraft (Video Capture)

Outflow Dominated Wall Cloud (Video Capture)Once outflow dominated wall cloud is beginning to wrap back up (Video Capture)

Nazareth, TX Wall Cloud and Tornado (Video Capture)Three Beaver's Tails?? (Video Capture)

Double Bolt with Rainfoot (Video Capture)Beautiful Mammatus at Sunset

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