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June 1, 1999

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Scott Blair and I positioned ourselves near Gainesville in North Texas on this day. Several supercells developed near us, and one of the closer ones began developing a backsheared anvil.1 While moving to intercept one of the storms, we encountered quite a show as golfball and baseball size hail fell just a few feet in front of us.2 After being forced by the hail to turn around and drive through a lot of precip, we happened upon a gorgeous double rainbow near Denison, TX.3 After viewing this for a minute or two, we decided which storm to intercept. After getting back in position, we witnessed a wall cloud and a funnel before ending the day with a beautiful sunset.4

Anvil's Beginning to BackshearGolfball and Baseball Size Hail (Video Capture)

Double Rainbow Near Denison, TX.Supercell at Sunset

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