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June 8, 2002

NOTE: Numbers after certain sentences indicate the photo being referred to.

Chasing solo and targeting Gillette, Wyoming, I observed towers beginning to break the cap to my northwest at 2:25 MDT.1. The developing cells moved quickly northeast into Montana, and I blasted north in an attempt to catch them. However, my effort was futile, and I focused on another developing cell, which was producing a nice anvil southwest of Biddle, Montana.2. Setting up south of Biddle, I now had a view of the updraft base.3. As the LP moved closer to my location, it continued organizing and exhibited the most beautiful striated structure I've witnessed to date.4.; 5.; 6.; 7.; 8. Bumping north, I let the updraft move nearly overhead as it developed a nice lowering.9. As the cell began moving off the front range, it developed a fairly intense precip. core and displayed a nice updraft base and tower while over some beautiful terrain.10.; 11. However, once the cell moved northeast of Boyes, Montana, it began rapidly dying and the base became quite elevated.12. After checking radar, my attention refocused on a new cell that was developing in nearly the same place as the previous LP. Setting up near Biddle again, I watched as the cell produced a nice meso while the RFD cut around and presented some beautiful structure.13.; 14.; 15. However, the RFD eventually gusted the cell out and the chase ended with a well-developed roll cloud ahead of a heavy precip. core.16.

Although the day fell far short of the predicted tornado outbreak, the LP made this chase one of the most satisfying of the year.

Towering cumulusAnvil west of Biddle, Montana

LP Supercell has moved closerNicely striated LP supercell

Nicely striated LP supercellNicely striated LP supercell

Nicely striated LP supercellNicely striated LP supercell

Updraft base with lowering nearly overheadMore intense precip core with base over the front range

Updraft tower and anvilSupercell dissipating from the base up

Second supercell develops along the front range (Video Capture)RFD begins cutting around meso

Nice structure displayed as RFD cuts around (Video Capture)The day ends with a roll cloud after the storm gusts out (Video Capture)

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