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June 20, 2004
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Intercepted the first supercell of the day in Calhan, CO. A large mesocyclone was positioned over the small town 1. and soon after, a small dust whirl formed and lasted a couple of seconds before dissipating. Just after the dust whirl dissipated, a long stretched funnel became noticeable over the area where the dust whirl was observed.2.; 3. This supercell moved into an area with no road network, so I eventually broke off the cell to intercept another supercell near Delhi, CO that produced hail close to baseball size and contained decent cloud base rotation. I never observed the cell produce a tornado, but the structure made for some beautiful shots near sunset.4.; 5.

I must also extend my appreciation to Dave Lewison for his excellent nowcasting.

Wall cloud over Calhan, CO (Video Capture)Small dust whirl spun up under meso just before a long, stretched funnel became noticeable (Video Capture)

Long funnel still visible before dissipating shortly after (Video Capture)

Structure with mammatus near Dehli, CO

Structure near Dehli, CO

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