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June 17, 2003

I wasn't expecting much this day considering conditions didn't look favorable for anything significant to occur. However, with decent upslope flow present in southern Wyoming, it seemed likely that at least some weak storms might form during the afternoon. Being on my chase vacation with nothing better to do, I decided to give it a shot and targeted Buford, Wyoming, a few miles west of Cheyenne. While waiting for initiation, I explored the area, finding landscapes and plant-life that provided welcome photographic opportunites.1.; 2.; 3.; 4.; 5. At 4:30 p.m. MDT, a halfway decent cell developed just to my south 6., creating a picturesque scene of the storm and mountainous terrain.7. With no expectations of observing anything besides structure, my interest piqued when a lowering/wall cloud formed under the updraft base at 5:10 and persisted, becoming outflow dominant at times only to eventually reorganize.8. Quite impressed with what this tiny cell was achieving in a lackluster environment, I dealt with the lack of road options and closed within a couple of miles of the lowering south of Cheyenne. Then, at 5:51 and much to my surprise, a plume of dust spun up under the base near the Wyoming/Colorado border 9. and grew fairly large as it moved toward the precip. shaft 10. (contrast enhanced: 11.), lasting only a mere minute before becoming engulfed by rain and dissipating.12.; 13.

Considering the spin-up formed under the updraft base and moved toward the precip. shaft, it obviously wasn't associated with outlfow. NWS CYS reviewed my video the next day and confirmed that this was indeed a weak tornado. Much appreciation goes to CYS for the warm welcome to their office and to WCM John Griffith for the great discussions and incredible landspout video he showed.

Landscape photo #1Landscape photo #2

Landscape photo #3Landscape photo #4

Landscape photo #5

Developing cell southeast of Buford, WY (Video Capture)

Rain shaft develops with picturesque sceneryLowering/pseudo wall cloud forms (Video Capture)

Dust-whirl tornado forms behind telephone pole (Video Capture)Tornado becomes better defined (Video Capture)

Contrast enhanced (Video Capture)Tornado moves toward precip. shaft (Video Capture)

Tornado dissipates while being engulfed by precip. (Video Capture)

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