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June 15, 2002

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After meeting up with Eric Nguyen the night before in Trinidad, Colorado, we forecasted extensively the next morning and decided on a tentative target of Pritchett, Colorado. However, on the way to the target, our attention was diverted by the anvil of a large HP supercell near Garden City, Kansas.1. We immediately plotted an intercept route. Going north out of Ulysses, Kansas at 3:30 p.m., we were within observation range of the updraft, and the cell, which was under a severe warning, pulsed several times in intensity but appeared a bit disorganized overall. However, just as we got into position to view the meso, the cell intensified rapidly and an RFD became noticeable wrapping around the wall cloud.2. A tornado warning was issued soon after. Now forced to track the cell on dirt roads, the meso took on a multi-tiered appearance and produced a large funnel-like appendage 1-2 miles northeast of Worthendale.3. The appendage soon fell apart 4., but the meso continued rotating rapidly as it moved south-southeast toward our location. We worked our way back south to Hwy. 160 and headed east, positioning ourselves in the bear's cage as a large funnel formed and crossed the highway.5.; 6. There appeared to be some dust kicked up under the funnel, and spotters reported it on the ground. With the funnel weakening considerably just to our southeast, we were out of south options. In order to stay with the cell, we continued east into the core and dropped south on Hwy. 83/160. Emerging from the core and back into the inflow, a small dust whirl became noticeable under the meso 6. but soon dissipated. Getting back ahead of the cell, it was now obviously becoming an outflow-dominant mess. Letting the cell go, we refocused our attention toward new development in the Texas panhandle. However, our efforts to intercept a supercell near Goodnight, Texas were thwarted by its fast movement and the swath of damage left in its wake on Hwy. 287.8.

Anvil from supercell near Garden City, KSMeso with RFD

Funnel-like appendageDissipating appendage

Meso and funnel with rapid motionFunnel continues

Dust whirl under meso after emerging from the coreDamaged truck associated with supercell near Goodnight, TX

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