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June 12, 2005

An absolutely incredible day, and as with last year, June 12 made the season for me. Chased with Scott Blair, Eric Nguyen, and Amos Magliocco and intercepted the cell southwest of Spur, TX, where we observed a large meso with strong low-level rotation. After a couple of attempts of trying to translate the rotation to ground-level, it finally did it at 5:38, producing a beautiful cone that wavered about with some wild motions within the condensation funnel before dissipating ~6 minutes later.1., 2., 3., 4., 5. Blasting south and east of Spur ahead of the meso, another tornado briefly touched down. Northwest of Jayton, the cell's circulation reorganzied significantly within the new meso. Soon a large funnel extended toward the ground at 6:06 before lifting and leaving a large and rapidly rotating bowl.6., 7. The tornado reformed as a multi-vortex circulation and soon transitioned into a large and dusty wedge with violent motion.8., 9. The tornado became wrapped heavily in rain about ten minutes later. A new tornado formed at 6:37 and produced some multi-vortex action, but my occasional glimpses of it through trees didn't afford the best view. Dropping south of Jayton to intercept the supercell that had formed to our south, a large cone tornado become visible from a fully occluded updraft to our west.10. The tornado pushed south out of the rain and became wonderfully lit by the sun as it performed a graceful ropeout.11. Continuing south through the forward part of the core, we broke out of the rain to observe a rope tornado to our west. However, this tornado was in it's dissipation stage and lasted only a few seconds, allowing little time to get a decent shot. After that, the storm never could tighten and produce again significantly, if at all. It did provide us with an incredible sunset to end the day with though.12.

First tornado of the day near Spur, TX (Video Capture)Spur, TX tornado strengthens (Video Capture)

Nice cone tornado (Video Capture)Interesting show within this tornado's condensation funnel (Video Capture)

Interesting show within this tornado's condensation funnel (Video Capture)Large, yet somewhat weak, funnel extends to the ground from the new mesocyclone (Video Capture)

Ground circulation briefly weakens considerably before planting a large, strong multi-vortex tornado (Video Capture)Large and violent multi-vortex circulation with tornado near Jayton, TX (Video Capture)

Wedge tornado filled with red dirt (Video Capture)New tornado forms from a occluded mesocyclowne to our west (Video Capture)

Tornado pushed out by outflow before roping out (Video Capture)Ending the day with a beautiful sunset courtesy of the southern storm (Video Capture)

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