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June 11, 2005

Began the day solo targeting Happy, TX and reliving my May 5, 2002 chase before blasting north toward the developing cell southwest of Amarillo. As I intercepted the cell south of Bushland, the base came into view and exhibited nice structure with strong upward motion. Rapid rotation was noted in the cloud base as it approached Amarillo, but the meso occluded without producing, leaving a rather flat and unimpressive base. Shortly after, a tornado warning was issued for Randall County, four miles north of Happy. Blasting back south on I-27, I ran into Scott Blair, Eric Nguyen, and Amos Magliocco and continued the chase with them. Taking 285 east toward Wayside, we intercepted the cell east of Happy and found it to be rapidly transitioning into an HP although good cloud base motion was still noted as the storm cycled through mesos. As the storm continued to become quite messy, we bumped east to Wayside then south about five miles as we observed a newly developed supercell with a low-hanging wall cloud to our southwest moving northeast toward us.1. As the meso approached, rapid, low-level cloud base rotation was observed as a few spin-ups were noted at 7:01. Simultaneously, an elephant trunk tornado became visible from an occluded meso further west. The elephant trunk, soon dissipated, but the nearest meso wasn’t finished as a slender rope briefly made its way toward the ground.2. We bumped back north ahead of the circulation, then shortly east. As the meso occluded, it took on a large bowl-shape, rotating rapidly.3. At ~7:35, debris was noted swirling under the meso. Within a few seconds, the tornado fully condensed, crossing FM 2301 and creating a power flash as it struck the power lines. The tornado continued for a couple of minutes, strengthening while becoming stretched and elongated and then dissipating. During this time, another tornado formed near the one already ongoing.4., 5., 6., 7. We continued tracking the cell, but observed no more tornadoes before it reached the unchaseable territory of the Palo Duro Canyon, where we encountered 80 mph straight-line winds. Ending the day, we made our way back to I-27 via FM 285, encountering long portions of the road inundated with deep flooding.

Wall cloud moving toward our location (Video Capture)Brief and wispy tornado forms (Video Capture)

Bowl-shaped lowering rotates rapidly (Video Capture)Tornado firmly on ground (Video Capture)

Outflow pushes tornado out as simultaneous tornado is ongoing north of it (Video Capture)Outflow pushes tornado out as simultaneous tornado is ongoing north of it (Video Capture)

The Wayside, TX tornado ropes out (Video Capture)

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