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June 11, 2002

NOTE: Numbers after certain sentences indicate the photo being referred to.

Targeting Great Bend, Kansas, convection began exploding a few miles to my north at 3 p.m.1. Focusing on the developing supercell, I caught up to it near Dubuque and observed a wall cloud with rapid upward motion develop.2. This wall cloud soon became outflow dominant, but a new meso began developing to it's east.3. The RFD cut around the new meso 4., and a brief dust-whirl tornado associated with a small funnel spun up about 8 miles west of Ellsworth.5. (contrast enhanced: 6.) As the supercell moved through Ellsworth and toward Kanapolis 7., the meso organized considerably with decent rotation.8. Approaching Kanapolis, the cell produced what appeared to be a large funnel 9. as the RFD began punching around to my west and southwest!10. Blasting east of Kanapolis ahead of a large gustnado on the nose of the RFD and trying to get ahead of the meso, I went north toward Hwy. 140 with hopes of getting ahead of the meso. However, as I broke out of the precip. and dust being wrapped around the meso, I found myself looking up into the bottom of a white funnel nearly overhead and rotating like mad (unfortunately, I didn't get this on film)! Blasting back south out of harm's way, I tried to get back ahead of the storm on some farm roads, but it was to no avail as I encountered slick roads and some extreme tree damage caused by RFD winds.11.; 12. I eventually made my way back to asphalt and re-intercepted the cell, only to observe a weakening outflow-dominant mess with a large shelf cloud.13.

Although this chase began well, it quickly turned into a frightening learning experience near Kanapolis. There was at least one very nice tornado this day, and because of some poor decisions in the latter stages of the chase, I missed it. Very frustrating...always outflank the storm!

Much appreciation extended to Dave Lewison for excellent nowcasting throughout the day.

Developing supercell west of Ellsworth, KSFirst meso observed with supercell west of Ellsworth, KS

Second observed meso (Video Capture)

Decent rotation with RFD cutting around

Brief dust-whirl tornado west of Ellsworth, KS (Video Capture)Contrast enhanced brief dust-whirl tornado west of Ellsworth, KS (Video Capture)

Intense core and meso approach EllsworthMeso becomes better organized (Video Capture)

Funnel-like bulge under well-organized meso near Kanapolis, KS (Video Capture)RFD punches to my west and southwest (Video Capture)

Much tree damage (Video Capture)More tree damage (Video Capture)

Shelf cloud with outflow dominant cell after catching back up (Video Capture)

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