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June 10, 2002

NOTE: Numbers after certain sentences indicate the photo being referred to.

Chasing solo this day and targeting an area from Aurora to York in southeast Nebraska, which was just northeast of a cold front/surface trough intersection,1. the first tower developed just to my west at 5:15 p.m. The tower soon fell apart though, but not before producing an elevated funnel.2. Finally, an LP supercell developed to my west near 7 p.m. and began moving northeast along the stationary front.3. The cell continued to organize and lower its ambient base, and as I got into a decent viewing position near Giltner, Nebraska, a wall cloud began developing.4. Positioning myself under the base, intense cloud-base rotation was noted,5. and a couple of short-lived funnels formed.6.; 7. As the RFD began punching around, a large, multi-vortex gustnado formed and persisted for a minute or so before gusting out.8.; 9. The meso continued to organize and lower as the precip core intensified and the RFD continued cutting around the meso.10. Tracking the cell on a myriad of dirt roads, it produced a large dust-whirl tornado that persisted for a couple of minutes near Stockham.11.; 12. As I finally got into a better contrast position to observe the tornado, it dissipated.13. With dusk approaching and the loss of daytime heating, the cell began weakening. However, a new cell developed to the southwest and produced a nice display of anvil crawlers before it also fell apart.14.

Much appreciation extended to Dave Lewison for excellent nowcasting throughout the day.

Intersecting boundaries (Video Capture)Funnel under dissipating TCU (Video Capture)

Newly developed LP supercellDeveloping wall cloud

Intense cloud-base rotationShort-lived funnel (Video Capture)

Another short-lived funnel (Video Capture)Multi-vortex gustnado (Video Capture)

Same multi-vortex gustnado (Video Capture)Well-organized meso (Video Capture)

Tornado near Stocham, NE (Video Capture)Tornado draws more dust into it (Video Capture)

Better contrast shot just before tornado dissipates (Video Capture)Anvil crawler with second supercell to the west (Video Capture)

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