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February 24, 2001

NOTE:Numbers after certain sentences indicate the photo being referred to.

For the morning hours, Scott Blair and I targeted Sallisaw, OK., but we made sure to keep an eye on central Arkansas for development later in the day. Before arriving at our target area, Scott analyzed the situation with the hourly observations.1. After making a data stop, we targeted and intercepted a cell that was moving northeast towards Muskogee. The storm featured an intense core and some decent structure.2. We were hoping to skirt around the bowing core, but it soon became evident that we were going to get nailed.3. We punched through the core and experienced some strong outflow and brief dime-size hail. After clearing the core, we witnessed some wrapping rain curtians, but we eventually had to give up on the storm since we couldn't keep up with its fast northeastward movement.4. We made another data stop and noticed a line of storms beginning to fire in western Arkansas. We decided to push east back into Arkansas, and we eventually decided to intercept a cell that had produced a tornado in Little Rock. After encountering heavy rains and winds, we positioned ourselves to view the cell's mesocyclone (in the foreground of the video capture) near Augusta.5. The meso was about one-half mile away and exhibited strong rotation with scud rapidly converging into the area. The meso then tightened up into a funnel with rapid motion (the funnel's in the foreground; in photo #7, the tip of the funnel is noticeable extending below the dark cloud base in the background). 6. & 7. The storm was rapidly moving northeast at 60 m.p.h., and we played catch-up the rest of the day while occasionally getting a view of the meso.8.

Scott's surface analysis (Video Capture)Moving to intercept severe cell near Muskogee, OK. (Video Capture)

About to be overtaken by the core of the Muskogee cell (Video Capture)Our last look at the Muskogee cell (Video Capture)

Augusta funnel cloud forming (Video Capture)Augusta funnel (Video Capture)

Augusta funnel (Video Capture)Last look at fast moving meso (Video Capture)

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