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December 4, 1999

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Scott Blair and I targeted Gainesville, TX and watched a lightning show in the early morning hours while waiting for an early morning supercell outbreak.1 After the supercell threat failed to materialize, we pushed eastward towards Louisiana. Storms finally began blowing up during the afternoon hours, and we saw storms off to our NE that were producing numerous and strange looking mammatus near Shreveport, LA.2 After hearing a tornado warning issued for Harrison Co. in Texas, we moved to intercept a rain wrapped mesocyclone near Marshall, TX.3 Needless to say, a very long chase day.

Scott Blair(right) and I(left) shooting some lightning pics in North TX.  Actual time is 3:08. (Video Capture)Mammatus litter the sky over North TX.

Marshall, TX. mesocyclone over I-20.  Note the cloud lowering beginning over the line of trees on the left and extending to the right. (Video Capture)

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