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April 2, 2006

A really spectacular chase day unfolded across Arkansas this day, as Karen and I intercepted a supercell just after 4 p.m. north of Plumerville with a fairly high-based wall cloud.1. Chasing through Arkansas is nothing if not difficult, and as we wound our way through both Faulkner and White County, just trying to keep up with the cell as it moved east at about 50 m.p.h., we finally obtained another view of it as it moved north of Searcy, where we observed an F2 tornado at 5:15 p.m.2. The tornado wasn't fully condensed, but it did persist before eventually shrinking and dissipating.3.At thispoint, the storm moved out ahead of us, and we tried in vain to keep up with it on Hwy. 64 through Bald Knob to Fair Oaks. It seemed like no matter how hard we tried to get back in front of it, it was one step ahead. However, during the course of the chase, we noticed another supercell behind us, and we knew that was a second option for us, and in Fair Oaks, we decided to break off the first supercell and stay with the one to our west. The storm never showed any signs of imminent tornado production such as a wall cloud or RFD, but after making a quick stop north of Wynne for the restroom, we left the gas station just in time at 6:50 p.m. to see a sinuous funnel accompanied by a debris cloud snaking it's way down toward the ground from the high-based supercell.4.; 5. We dropped south quickly a couple of miles to escape the trees. The funnnel eventually planted itself firmly on the ground with a wide debris fan as the tornado grew in size and intensity.6.; 7.; 8. The tornado was backlit beautifully, black against an orange sky, but it soon became shrouded in dust as it went just south of the city of Wynne.9. With the tornado now obscured, we drove back north to Hwy. 64 and continued east toward Parkin where we watched our tornado in the rope stage before it finally dissipated at 7:30 p.m.10. A new meso soon formed to our east, and we were treated to a show as it produced a ghostly white tornado that showed itself to us until the setting sun hid it within the shadows of the departing storm to our east.11.; 12. Thanks to Scott Blair for nowcasting for us.

Wall Cloud near Plumerville, AR (Video Capture)Tornado near Searcy (Video Capture)

Tornado near Searcy (Video Capture)Wynne, Arkansas tornado forming (Video Capture)

Wynne, Arkansas tornado forming (Video Capture)Wynne tornado strengthens with wide debris fan (Video Capture)

Wynne tornado strengthens with wide debris fan (Video Capture)Wynne tornado strengthens with wide debris fan (Video Capture)

Wynne tornado now obscured by dust (Video Capture)Wynne tornado ropes out near Parkin (Video Capture)

New meso and tornado form (Video Capture)Ending the day with a ghostly white tornado (Video Capture)

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