Weather Photos
April 7, 2002

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Targeting Abilene, Texas this day, Scott Blair and I waited for supercells to develop during the afternoon hours. One significant supercell did develop to our north in Throckmorton County just after 3 p.m. Unfortunately we delayed our decision to head north because of intense convection developing east of Abilene. Upon learning that the supercell in Throckmorton County was placed under a tornado warning, we decided to immediately target the cell, which produced a violent cone tornado near Throckmorton at 3:40 p.m. Arriving about 25 minutes too late for the tornado, we had a view of the meso wrapping much precip around the updraft just before the cell lined out.1. Continuing to track the cell northeast, we eventually decided to shoot hail video while letting the core overtake us since the tornado threat was over.2. Taking Hwy. 380 east we finally got back ahead of the line of storms near Denton and observed a very turbulent and eerie shelf cloud move through the city while the tornado sirens wailed.3.

Throckmorton SupercellSmall Hail

Turbulent Shelf Cloud

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