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April 5, 2003

Scott Blair and I arrived in our target of Haskell, TX at 2 p.m. To our west, near Rotan, a few weak storms had fired earlier than expected, and within 30 minutes, one storm strengthened significantly and was placed under a tornado warning. Targeting the cell, we set up 4-5 miles east of Aspermont on Hwy. 380 and observed as the storm displayed magnificent structure.1. At 2:50, scud began rising rapidly under the base 2., and within a couple of minutes, a large wall cloud had formed 3. with a noticeable RFD cutting around.4.; 5. We bumped as close as we could without getting in precip. and watched as a large cone tornado developed just before 3 p.m. as the wall cloud eroded away.6.; 7. The tornado reached it's mature stage as a stovepipe 8.; 9. before gradually weakening 10. and lifting 11., ending its seven-minute lifespan. Dropping south of Old Glory, we caught up with the new meso as what was becoming a fierce HP supercell approached FM 1835.12. The meso appeared to be somewhat undercut in its developmental stages. However, as the meso tracked within 200 yards to our south, it organized significantly with rapid upward motion and violent rotation.13.; 14. Without an east option, we were soon overtaken by the core where baseballs pounded our vehicles. Eventually making our way out of the core, we reintercepted the cell near Woodson, where I had a good view from the west as Woodson was being ravaged by softball-size hail.15. We finally ended the day near Mineral Wells, where I was able to get a better look at some of the damage done to my car by the baseball-size hail south of Old Glory.16.; 17.

Newly developed supercell at 2:30 west of Aspermont, TXRapid upward motion noticeable in scud (Video Capture)

Large wall cloud developsWall cloud organizes as RFD begins to punch around

Severe RFD occlusion erodes wall cloudLarge cone tornado develops just before 3 p.m. (Video Capture)

Cone tornado continuesTornado widens

Tornado morphs into a stovepipe (Video Capture)Zoom of stovepipe (Video Capture)

Tornado weakensTornado lifts, ending its 7-minute lifespan (Video Capture)

New meso southwest of Old Glory (Video Capture)Slightly undercut wall cloud south of Old Glory (Video Capture)

Wall cloud organizes and displays rapid motion and rotation (Video Capture)View of supercell from the west as Woodson, TX is hammered by hail

Hail damage to LF turn signal lens (Video Capture)Hail damage to windshield

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