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April 23, 2000

Note:Upon further review of video and checking of Storm Data, the feature seen this day was probably not a tornado (8/28/00).

NOTE:Numbers after certain sentences indicate the photo being referred to.

Scott Blair and I targeted SW AR. on this day, and after hearing of a tornado warned supercell moving through Sevier Co., AR., we decided to intercept it. Having to punch through part of the core of this storm while getting pelted by dime and nickel size hail, we finally got into position to see the slowly rotating updraft base with quite a bit of scud being updrafted.1 After avoiding more heavy rain and driving south to get out of it, we finally got free of precip, and through the trees, we saw that a wall cloud had developed.2 We continiued to track the mesocyclone while only getting brief glimpses of it through the trees, but we were able to make out the RFD punching in, 3, and continued to watch as the clear slot continued to wrap around the meso.4 After finally getting in position to have a better view beneath the meso, we noticed that the storm didn't look right, and we had clearing skies where the meso should've been. At that point, it became obvious that the supercell had split. We noticed rapid cloud motion all around us, but nothing looked organized on the south part of the split storm. A few miles ahead of us, though, a funnel cloud began forming from a lowering that was associated with the northern part of the split storm.4 The funnel continued to strengthen as it crossed the road near Mineral Springs and Nashville, 6, 7, but it began to get thinner and and soon dissipated after it crossed the road.8 Since the northern storm moved into an area where we wouldn't be able to view it and knowing that the southern section of a split storm usually ends up being the stronger of the two, we decided to head south and try to get into position to see what was going to happen with it. After seeing our storm weaken and seeing strong convection near the AR./LA. border to our south, we decided to head after the developing storms. As we got closer, though, it became apparent that the storm was quickly becoming linear, so we decided to end the day with some beautiful sunset and storm structure shots.9, 10

Rotating Updraft Base with Scud (Video Capture)Wall Cloud Beginning to Get Organized (Video Capture)

Mesocyclone with RFD Starting to Punch In (Video Capture)RFD's Wrapped Farther Around Meso (Video Capture)

Howard Co. Funnel Forming After Storm Split (Video Capture)Strengthening (Video Capture)

Howard Co. Funnel (Video Capture)Dissipating Howard Co. Funnel (Video Capture)

Beautifully Colored MammatusSun Setting on Squall Line

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