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August 8, 1999
Pictures from this day.

A low pressure trough pushing through the state set off a few severe storms this day, and Scott Blair and I had to make a decision as to which ones to go after. One storm near Hot Springs looked good on radar, but it was set to move into some of the worst chase territory in Arkansas. The next storm was located near Batesville, and the territory in that region is quite a bit better for visibility. After deciding to take a chance on the Batesville storm, and really, not expecting to see anything, we loaded up in my car and went after it. We took 167 north towards Batesville, and we could faintly make out an anvil with a decent overshooting top, as we began to get closer. Still not expecting to see anything more than a run of the mill shelf cloud, we started getting into position and noticed what appeared to be a rotating wall cloud. As we turned west on Hwy. 230, we were able to get quite a bit closer to it and started noticing striations. We still weren't sure what this feature was at the time, and it looked somewhat like a hybrid wall cloud, where a shelf cloud/gust front begins to rotate into a wall cloud. As we began to get closer, Scott spotted a mid level funnel and quickly turned the video camera to it. We got very close to what was beginning to look more like a gust front, but it was obvious that it had some rotation in it. Not long after getting some good pictures, the storm seemed to have produced a microburst, and the now evident gust front began to move very quickly towards our position and overtake us. We experienced some decent wind gusts and were very pleased with what we were able to capture this day. With hardly any expectations, we were able to turn this into a fabulous chase and ended up the day with some great pictures at sunset.

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