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August 13, 1999
Pictures from this day.

A couple of severe storms fired in Central Arkansas as a cold front pushed through the state. After getting off of work, I set off after a couple of storms that blew up near Conway. These storms quickly fell apart, and I turned my attention to some strong convection that was going up near Little Rock. I watched the convection get more intense and begin to anvil out. I knew this would probably be the last storm I would get a chance to chase on this day, so I began my intercept hoping to see something interesting. As I got closer, the storm developed a beautifully backsheared anvil with plenty of mammatus present. An intense rain and hail shaft made the storm look ominous along with inflow bands feeding into the updraft. Unfortunately, I was never able to get in good position to see the updraft clearly, but I did get some beautiful storm structure shots.

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