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July 10, 1999
Pictures from this day.

A weak cold front was set to move through the state on this day and was expected to set off a few storms. Several storms developed along the cold front during midday, and I decided to chase some of these, hoping to catch a couple of decent gust fronts. My day started off well, as a storm just to the north of my apartments, in Conway, produced a decent gust front. After taking a few pictures of this, I continued up Hwy. 64, which parallels I-40 to Russelville. As I continued up 64, I was able to catch a brief wall cloud near Morrilton. As soon as I got one photo taken, the feature had dissipated, but, luckily, I did get at least one pic of it. As I continued on, I ended up near Russelville and was able to catch a decent gust front there, as well. I don't know of any storms that were classified as severe this day, but I got what I went out for, along with a short lived wall cloud.

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