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June 2, 1999
Pictures from this day.

This ended up being a productive chase day as we decided to set up near Dimmitt, TX., of VORTEX fame. We proceeded to record some observations using Scott's weather station. Here, a resident, came up to us and asked us if anything bad was going to happen today. We told him that it would be a good idea to stay informed as to what was going on with the weather today, and as he was leaving, he expressed his concern, saying that they sure didn't need anything bad to happen. It's strange, being a chaser, having a concerned resident asking what was going to be happening later. It's a wake up call that brings home the fact, that these forces of nature that we chase, have an affect on people and their lives. At 5:30, we noticed a strong storm beginning to develop and decided to go after it. While chasing this storm, we noticed a wall cloud develop and begin to rotate at 6:20, but it became severly outflow dominated at 6:40. After driving away from the storm, to have the option of pursuing another storm, we decided to stop and take a look at our wall cloud again. Just after 7:00, we noticed the wall cloud starting to wrap up again and get tighter in appearance, with nice striations. At this point, we decided that we should stick with this storm, and once again began the chase towards it, driving east on Hwy. 145. After pulling off for a minute to film what had become a beautiful wall cloud with nice striations, a caravan of chasers passed us. Once we were able to pull back onto the road, behind the caravan, we came to Hwy. 168. All the other chasers decided to take the north option at this point. We didn't think the contrast would be good enough at this point to begin going north, so we kept east until our next north option, Hwy 1424. After making our way north, with somewhat good contrast, we noticed a suspicious debris cloud on the ground. All of the sudden, the Nazareth tornado showed itself about 2 miles to the north of us. A very nice tornado with a white condendation funnel was on the ground, kicking up a good amount of dust. Even though, it was in somewhat bad contrast, the white tube made the tornado visible against the dark edge of the rain shaft. Pulling off at this point, we quickly pulled out our cameras and tripods and began filming. Initially, we only thought this tornado only lasted for a very short amount of time, but after reviewing the video, it appears that it might have been on the ground for almost three minutes. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get any still photos, but the video turned out decent. Once the rain started to wrap, it was hard to tell what was going on, so we decided to take Hwy. 86 and go east in order to get better contrast. On our way, we went through the town of Tulia and were amazed to see large groups of residents outside watching the storm, even though the tornado sirens were going off!! As we made our way through Tulia, we finally got into an area with very good contrast and watched as a new meso formed after the first occluded. Also, we saw some very strange cloud formations, such as, what appeared to be 3 beaver's tails stacked on top of one another. If anybody else saw this feature or has seen a feature similar to this please let me know. It was quite odd looking, and I may be wrong in thinking that it was more than one beaver's tail. We watched as another wall cloud formed, but it wasn't very organized. Later, we decided to end the chase day, as things began turning into an MCS. Although, we did get to end the day with some mammatus at sunset once again, and this day was, by far, the most spectacular of them all. It was quite a way to write off the last day of our chase vacation.

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