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April 6, 2001
Pictures from this day.

Everything looked to be in place this day for a significant severe weather event to occur, and SPC issued a high-risk for portions of southwest Kansas. Our target area was Ulysses, Kansas. However, the day fell apart quickly, and upon initiation, a squall line quickly formed. One isolated supercell did form a few miles northwest of us and was placed under tornado warning, but it was moving north at 65 m.p.h. so it would've been impossible to catch.

One other tornado warning was issued within the area we were in for a comma-head on the north end of a squall line, and we did happen to be in a decent area to try and catch it. At near the same time a tornado was reported near Rolla, Oklahoma, we viewed what appeared to be a wall cloud with the comma head. However, we didn't see anything that resembled a tornado. A few minutes later, we were overtaken by the squall, and we gave up on it and decided to eat dinner at a nearby Pizza Hut.

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