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April 3, 1999
Pictures from this day.

On this day, Scott Blair and I decided to chase a couple of rounds of storms, with the first being near Russelville that morning. We watched a decent gust front push through and turn the sky dark with decent outflow winds. This was just the beginning though, and the chasing was much better later that day.

As another line of storms began to move through the state that afternoon, we set up on Hwy. 64 between Conway and Beebe and watched an impressive gust front/shelf cloud move through, kick up large amounts of dust and produce a gustnado. The gustnado was a decent size and had some strong inflow associated with it, but it was short-lived and dissipated after a few seconds.

At the time, The gustnado and shelf cloud were some of the most impressive weather phenomena I had seen while chasing.

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