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April 24, 1999
Pictures from this day.

Fortunately, work let out early and allowed me to partake in another after-work chase.

After going home and quickly reviewing some discussions and models, I decided to target northwest Mississippi. During the trek, however, I was lured away from my target area by a Severe Thunderstorm Watch that was issued for the southern half of Arkansas. Important lesson #1: Don't chase watch boxes.

The terrain was horrible and trees were EVERYWHERE!! I found one decent place, however, the Fordyce airport, that provided a decent view. After waiting and watching for a couple of hours, I finally decided to head for my original target area. Important lesson #2: Stick with the original target area.

After arriving at Winchester, AR. at 6:30 p.m., I was about to write the day off as a bust. However, I then noticed some convection that had the suspicios look of an updraft tower.

At this point, the chase began, and I jogged southeast on Hwy 65 towards the cell. As I got closer, I was able to faintly make out an anvil and could tell the storm was in Mississippi. I knew I'd never catch it, but I decided to keep pushing on Hwy 65 to try and get close enough for some decent pictures.

I never got any closer than 30 miles, but the setting sun provided the opportunity to snap a few pictures of the storm and the mammatus that had developed on the wispy anvil. If I had stuck with my original target area, I would've been in much better shape to intercept the storm.

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